About us

A warm welcome to you, my name is Tim Harden and my wife and I are the founders and directors of the Harden Travel Group Ltd. I started writing this piece of our website over a year ago and have gone through several drafts. Eventually I sat down and thought of what the purpose of an ‘About us’ section really is. I had repeatedly approached it as if writing a biography of our careers and the genesis of our business, but this leads to a very dry read and I never felt it was what you truly wanted to read.

So I put my mind to what the reasons why you might be reading an ‘About us’ page on our website. I’ve concluded that what you want is to be given the confidence that this is the right place to put your money. You want to know two things, firstly that your money is safe, and secondly that it will be worth spending part of your holiday fund with us.

So first is your financial security. We work with Travel Trust Association to ensure we are compliant with the 1992 Package Holiday Regulations. This means that they ensure your money is 100% protected. If you wish to read further, then please click here: http://www.traveltrust.co.uk/ConsumerWebZone/HowdoestheTTAprovide100percentfinancialprotection.aspx. Our tours are also protected through our ATOL licence issued by the CAA. You can read more about what this means to you, the consumer, here: http://www.caa.co.uk/atol-protection/

Secondly you will wish to know whether we can provide you with a holiday worth taking. Normally you would expect to read about our experience in the travel industry and what we know about offering tours. Well we have plenty of experience between us, over 20 years, and we know the area. My wife grew up there, we were married and Christened our daughter there.

However, what I feel will truly set us apart is that our focus on these trips is you, the customer. As our tours consist of small groups we can be flexible with the arrangements on our tours, enabling us to action what we might have heard from you. We’ll try to make sure that you see all the things that you wanted to before leaving the UK and hopefully a few surprises too. Romania can be a challenging place to explore and that’s why we believe that our tours enable you to make the most from your time in the country.

I’ll also give you my mobile number so you can reach me at any time during your trip, there’s no reason to wait until you return to raise any issues. It’s your holiday and you should enjoy it every step of the way.

However, I am confident that you will not need any financial protection and the only reason you’ll need my number is give me positive feedback on your return. It’s an amazing region and really does deserve to be explored before it becomes too commercialised and spoiled.

If you would like me to guide you through why a trip to Transylvania is right for you then drop me an e-mail at sales@transylvaniantouring.co.uk and I hope to see your holiday photos on our site very soon.

Thank you for your time,

Tim Harden

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